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DISH, INC is a locally owned business!  Our business started out as a hobby.  Someone traded me a satellite BIG dish c-band system and one day we found out we need KU band to view West Virginia Men’s Basketball games.  All the local dealers told me it couldn’t be done, but my dad wanted to watch the games. One of my uncles was the coach so we took it upon ourselves to make it happen. It worked and others wanted me to do the same thing for them so we started Dish, Inc in 1993 and never looked back as our business took off, mainly from giving the customer the service they deserved.  Year or so later We also added 18 in dishes like Directv and Dish Network to our inventory. We were one of the first dealers for both products and also we became one of Wildblue’s internet first dealers. In the Last few years Wildblue changed to eXede and today as ViaSat.  Things change but some things stay the same, everyone is always looking for the best solutions to their TV and Internet Services.

We would like to thank everyone who has been with us through the years and to all who will trust us to help with all their TV and Internet solutions of the Future! Call 304-264-8888 for all your needs and questions.

Call us for an appointment! (304) 264-8888

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Hello! I am here to help you with your interest in Viasat Internet! If you have questions the site cannot answer, we will get you connected to your local expert!